Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Pain in the upper cervical area of the neck can be extremely uncomfortable. Your neck supports your head and allows it to move in almost any direction. Any time the area is injured, it can lead to a host of other issues that may lower your quality of life and force you to dramatically alter your lifestyle. Visiting our upper cervical chiropractor at the first sign of discomfort will help you get back on track.

Neck and Headache Pain

Neck and headache pain can have many different causes. A neck injury can, in turn, lead to severe headaches or various types of migraine pain. Auto accidents, sports injuries, work-related injuries, and slip and fall accidents can all contribute to neck and headache pain. Receiving a chiropractic adjustment as soon as possible can minimize your pain and reduce the risk of long-term, chronic pain.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

There are several benefits to chiropractic care, especially when a head or neck injury is involved. Inflammation in the upper cervical portion of the neck can be uncomfortable, making it difficult for you to get through your day. Chiropractic care includes treatment options that work to restore balance and return musculoskeletal structures to their original position. This means less information and pain. It also helps to hasten the healing process, allowing you to return to your normal routine much faster.

Maintaining Good Spinal Health

Maintaining good spinal health is the best way to prevent injuries to the neck. Chiropractic adjustments, strengthening exercises, and ultrasound therapy are just a few ways you can keep your spinal column in good condition. There are exercises that specifically target the upper cervical area of the neck, allowing you to be more proactive when it comes to preventing head and neck pain.

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An injury that causes pain and discomfort to the upper cervical area of the neck should be addressed immediately. If not, it can lead to chronic neck pain that is hard to treat. A visit to Westside Chiropractic in Rapid City can help you get back on track. A chiropractic adjustment may be just what you need to correct the problem that is causing your pain. Schedule an appointment today to find out what treatment options may benefit you the most. Get back to your normal routine and improve your quality of life!